History of Employee Counselling Service - Cs stresswork

Services Provided

  • 24hr Helpline
    • Unlimited access to a confidential 24hr helpline giving general information, advice and support 7 days a week available to employees and their immediate family members
  • Management Support
    • General advice and information, including support for managers dealing with sensitive situations
    • Direct support of a senior counsellor
    • Support in implementing sickness absence, health and safety, substance abuse, staff well-being and dignity at work policies
  • Service Reports
    • Regular reports of the attendance and progress of employer referrals
    • Statistical feedback on all referrals using HSE's Management Standards
    • Regular review meetings
  • Training
    • Access to training at reduced cost to ensure your organisation gains the maximum benefit from our service.  Training is available on stress, bullying and harassment, support for employees with personal problems, and more.
  • Face to face and telephone counselling
    • Structured face-to-face or telephone counselling for employees
    • Employer referrals and self-referrals for individuals with work problems of personal problems that are affecting their work performance: alcohol and drug abuse; stress; bereavement; family and relationship problems; harassment in the workplace; sickness absence and any other issues
  • Critical Incident Support
    • Support and counselling for individuals who have been involved in incidents of violence, aggressive behaviour or serious injury
    • Support for Managers who are dealing with the aftermath of an incident

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